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Florence is the mother of several of the most important fashion maisons in the world (Salvatore Ferragomo, Stefano Ricci, Emilio Pucci, Patrizia Pepe, SaveTheQueen!, Roberto Cavalli, etc...) many of which have written the history of style and still to this day continue to set standards in the fashion world. The beautiful historic center hosts the most famous designer boutiques, world renowned, and makes a perfect paradise for a guest in search of thrills and excitement. Whether your wish be to revamp your wardrobe or expand it, let our Personal Shoppers lead you on an intense shopping escapade. Exclusive Fashion Tours – Personal Shoppers in Italy will make the most of this day of shopping, guiding and advising you between the best boutiques in Florence, just right to meet all of your wants and needs.

Forte Dei Marmi, Versilia
Located a little more than 100 kilometers from Florence (and even easier to reach from neighboring Pisa and Lucca) on the coast that wrote the story of the Italian "dolce vita" with its hip locales and crowded beaches, Forte Dei Marmi in Versilia blossoms an unfamiliar scene widely unknown to many of the connoisseurs of luxury shopping and high-end Tuscan craftsmanship. In a strategic position, blessed with a wonderful climate and gathered up the way it is between the Majestic Apuan Alps and its sandy stretches, today Forte Dei Marmi in Versilia is a small boutique in a clear sky that covers the most important names in Italian and global designer wear (Salvatore Ferragamo, Philipp Plein, Patrizia Pepe, Save The Queen!, Stuart Weitzman, etc... just to name a few). But it doesn't stop there... some of the most influential examples of craftsmanship (bijoux, footwear, etc..) made in Tuscany are born right here in Forte Dei Marmi in Versilia. Exclusive Fashion Tours – Personal Shoppers in Italy will take you on a novel and relaxing walk in search of little big shopping attractions and clothing fit for all of your needs. And in the evening, after lots of shopping, you get to relax on the shore by the sea...

Milan: this is the place where designers and stylists from all over the world get together to brainstorm and vent their ideas freely, this is where, throughout the year, fashion catches a breath of fresh air at prominent top-of-the-line global events like Milan Fashion Week. Exclusive Fashion Tours – Personal Shoppers in Italy hasn't got the ordinary old tour in mind for you, one limited to the top signature brands, but instead we are on a quest to give you a more in-depth experience by introducing you to the thousand faces of trendy Milan. From the elegant fashion studios and showrooms of Milan designers, to the boutiques specialized in niche and leading-edge brands, all the way to the creations of the most innovated designers who have yet to pop up on the fashion scene of Made in Italy. You will take in all the charm a fashion capital like Milan has to give alongside a professional Personal Shopper ready to stimulate you with the most sought-after offers to fulfill your needs. A day dedicated to style, you will be taken on a rigorous and personalized journey to discover where innovation and culture cross paths revealing the most seductive side of shopping in Milan.

The intimate connection between Fashion and Cinema make Rome an undisputed shopping destination in Italy. With the establishment of Cinecittà, Rome became an important point of reference in international show-business; and in high-end fashion even before that with the appearance of great maisons like Fernanda Gattinoni and the Fontana sisters. Right from the dawning, Cinema was closely tied to fashion, clothing in fact plays a fundamental role in expressing the essence it's on-screen characters. A role that is no different for us who find ourselves on the set of our lives where how we dress makes the first impression. Shopping in the capital offers us some of the most authentic examples of Made In Italy. Exclusive Fashion Tours – Personal Shoppers in Italy will guide you on a shopping spree fit for you. Our Personal Shoppers know how to best advise you on everything concerning your look.

A selection from the area which has led us to identify the best offerings in the world of fabrics, glassmaking, and all that which makes Venice a very important destination for Italian craftsmanship. Exclusive offerings for a shopping experience which is focused on quality, personalization, and the fulfillment of your wishes. Far from the mass-market tourist itineraries and scrupulously careful about privacy, Exclusive Fashion Tours – Personal Shoppers in Italy can propose a personalized itinerary exclusively tailored to your needs. Whether you want to astonish your woman with an original, unexpected jewel, find new inspiration to furnish your home, or create something unique with the help of the best master craftsmen in Italy, we will always be able to reserve fantastic discoveries for you.

Paris, Montecarlo, London, etc...Your Travelling Personal Shopper!
If you require the assistance of our Personal Shoppers and Image Consultants outside Italy (Montecarlo, Lugano, Paris, London, etc...) please contact the Management directly at for an estimate of costs.

Spoiled rotten! Ladies package
Taking your girlfriend shopping isn't your favourite pastime? Don't let her down with a “no”, surprise her with a personalized shopping tour and the thrill of having a Personal Shopper that will take care of all her wants and wishes, escorting her around dozens of boutiques, shops and malls rush-free. Guys, Exclusive Fashion Tours – Personal Shoppers in Italy is a couple's winning compromise, it will satisfy all of her demands with some relaxing shopping and at the same time allow you some free time to enjoy the things you love. Sit back and relax, let us do the hard work! Just a small suggestion: make sure to set a budget with the Personal Shopper beforehand to avoid any BIG surprises!
This service is available in: Florence, Forte Dei Marmi, Milan, Rome and the rest of Italy.

Men's Special
The luxury of having a Personal Shopper of your very own to count on for reassuring and discrete recommendations regarding what best suits you and your situation is now a possibility. You will have all the brand names, from the most prestigious to those handcrafted, right at your fingertips. Suits, ties, shoes and custom-made shirts. Vast selections of suitcases for formal encounters, business trips or get-away vacations. If you don't feel like drowning yourself in an afternoon of shopping, remember that our Personal Shoppers can meet you wherever you like with a selection of articles chosen just for you. This tour is the perfect choice for any man who wants to update and enhance his personal look.
This service is available in: Florence, Forte Dei Marmi, Milan, Rome and the rest of Italy.