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Dress for Success
If you think style and image are important in everyday life, then they become even more so in the workplace, where it is essential that your personal appearance and dress keep up with your professional profile. Being able to present yourself well plays a crucial role in increasing your job security and representing you in an accomplished and positive manner. Do you think your professional image could use a make-over? Are you about to start a new job and lack the time to prepare your look and update your wardrobe? Does the new company's dress code put you at a disadvantage?Exclusive Fashion Tours – Personal Shoppers in Italy, given our experience with diverse cultures and the ability to count on an international team of professional Personal Shoppers, is not only able to follow you with close attention and help you make the stylistic choices most appropriate for you and your job requirements but can offer you a wealth of universal knowledge about the job world and its rules and image expectations. We would be delighted to accompany you down the road to your new profession!
This service is available in: Milan, Florence, Forte Dei Marmi and Rome.

Exclusive Fashion Tours for Retail Buyers
For retailers from all over the world that deal in fashion, accessories and jewelry. We are offering you a very privileged entourage by opening the doors to the most selective and restrictive districts at extremely competitive prices. Access to this private tour is granted exclusively through Exclusive Fashion Tours – Personal Shoppers in Italy. A trip around the fifth Fashion Stock Distributor in Europe, a commercial zone that spreads over thousands of square meters and covers more than 100 brand-names. For gold enthusiasts, you will find spots just as exclusive where you can purchase at highly competitive prices. Forget about the classic wholesale middlemen and head directly to where the outlets and boutiques stock up. Personalized assistance and interpreters are available in 12 languages leaving nothing to chance. Rules and conditions apply, for more information please contact management.
This service is only available in Florence.
Note: This service might also available for a limited number of individual clients. Download here full list of main brands available.

Shopping for You
A last minute evening engagement? An important business trip and you don't have the right tie for the occasion? Would you like to give your wife a gift but you don't have the time to look for the perfect one? We will make our time and experience available just for you, along with the creativity and good taste of our Personal Shoppers. Our consultation will provide you exactly what you are looking for without the waste of time and energy. We, Exclusive Fashion Tours – Personal Shoppers in Italy, are the time that you lack.
This service is available in: Milan, Florence, Forte Dei Marmi, Rome and the rest of Italy.

Corporate Dress Code
Image is our first business card. It communicates to others who we are before any words are spoken, and today more and more companies see the importance of having an appropriate dress code for their employees. Since 1975, when the book "Dress for Success" came out, people have become aware of just how fundamental a role image and dress play in reaching one's goals in the workplace and in the personal realm. Exclusive Fashion Tours – Personal Shoppers in Italyis making its experience and professionality available to furnish you with a focused consultation geared towards creating a dress code that best represents your agency's mission. The uniforms can be tailor-made or not, either way they will be thoroughly thought-out and wearable by all members of your staff.
This service is available in: Florence, Forte Dei Marmi, Milan, Rome and the rest of Italy.